Electricians skills are going high-tech

Adam Palmer oversees the installation of large electrical systems in buildings, working shoulder-to-shoulder with electricians in tool belts, many of them union guys with family roots in the building trades. Palmer took a different route. He has a university degree in electromechanical engineering — and he doesn’t feel the least bit overqualified for this line …


3,000 Tower Hamlets school-leavers chase 185 apprentice places

he shock figures revealed this week show 3,290 youngsters in Tower Hamlets applying for places during the three moths from February to April—around 1,000 more than the same quarter last year. Only 72 more places were on offer than last year’s 113, according to the National Apprenticeship Service statistics. Yet vacancies across the country reached …


Ladder for London Prince Andrew Backs Mission to Build a Better Future For Young Jobless

One hundred jobless young adults, many out of work for at least six months, came to a seemingly routine job fair in Hackney to find royalty in attendance and that their dreams for work had finally been answered. The Peabody-owned Pembury estate in Dalston, where half the 5,000 residents live in poverty, has never hosted …


Emergency Plumber Responds to £2 Billion Welsh Water

The article, Welsh Water: £2bn to Fund Water and Sewerage Improvements, published 5th June by the BBC, revealed that the changes comes as part of plans to achieve the right balance between meeting customer needs and protecting the environment. The not for profit organisation serves more than three million people, and surveyed residents in Wales, Herefordshire …